Top Five Simple Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

In any workplace, being part of a team is a positive and productive experience.   Employees are encouraged to work together while being led by their manager.  When overseeing teams, it is a manager’s responsibility to ensure everyone is contributing and you are getting the most out of your people.  Here are some simple ways to bring out the best in your team.

  1. Give clear and simple directions. One of the most common ways teams miss the mark is because of complex directions or poorly outlined instructions.  Issuing proper project guidelines will ensure high quality production, therefore meeting your expectations. When directions are clearly defined, each team member understands their role and can contribute their best effort.
  2. Inspire your team. Members of a team will be more receptive to the tasks they are given if their manager encourages them through leading by example. Instead of looking for the defects in a team, build up their confidence by acknowledging their effort. If they feel appreciated, it will show in the work they produce. When professional growth is encouraged, remarkable results are bound to happen.
  3. Identify and utilize each team member’s strengths and knowledge. All too often, when teams are formed, the individual with the most confidence will lead the group. This situation may not always yield the best results.  Instead, attempt to identify the strengths of each individual on the team. When a manager is aware of each team member’s strong points, they can effectively utilize each person’s talents to yield the best team.
  4. Create a plan for improvement and growth. It is important to outline achievable goals for future development in order to give employees something to strive for. Providing a training program or even delegating difficult tasks can demonstrate the capabilities of your team. If, as a manager, you can establish the path to success and guide your team through it, the results produced will be palpable.
  5. Praise effort and reward your team. Showing appreciation for the work ethic and professional integrity of your team will make them feel empowered. They will continue to produce high quality work and will pursue rewarded efforts. Encouraging them to progress and providing incentives along the way will demonstrate your leadership skills, while also helping them become a solid team and produce the best work possible.