Top Five Ways to Reduce Workers' Comp Costs

Safety is a core value at West Valley Staffing Group. We are committed to partnering with our clients and employees to ensure a safe work environment and reduce Workers’ Compensation costs.

1. Safety Training• General safety training and job specific safety training are part of the 
   standard protocol when placing WVSG associates. Associates learn what 
   do in the event of an injury, as well as what to do if unsafe practices or 
   conditions are observed while on the job 

2. Applicant Pre-screening • Reference checks, background checks, DMV checks, and drug screens
• Identify the right person for the job based on a comprehensive job 
   description, which should include the physical requirements of the job

3. Applicant Testing • Testing is determined by an individual’s skill set and specific job 

4. Post Injury/Accident Protocol • WVSG protocol is distributed to supervisors/managers to ensure 
   immediate medical care is provided as needed and processes are followed

5. Claims Management • Aggressive claims management: WVSG establishes relationships and 
   communication guidelines with all involved parties to ensure that proper 
   treatment is given and the claim is managed properly until closed
• No Lost Time Policy - WVSG partners with clients to provide modified duty 
   to associates placed on work restrictions while recovering, keeping them 
   working whenever possible