Top Five Hiring Mistakes

1. Not providing a complete job descriptionWrite down in detail the tasks that the employee will be required to do, including any physical requirements of the job. This will allow you to clearly see the qualifications a person will need to do this job and give you points to discuss in the interview.

2. Not conducting a complete interviewConducting a good hiring interview is a skill that many people do not possess. It's important to ask the right questions to determine whether a candidate is right for the position and fits into your company. 

3. Unreasonably long hiring processThe longer an employer takes to make a decision about a particular candidate, the less likely the candidate is to be hired. Companies lose good candidates when they hesitate to make decisions. Granted, the interview and decision process takes time, but there is no excuse for not having a decision schedule and sticking to it. Being hesitant in your hiring process and treating your candidates disrespectfully can earn your company a bad reputation, something no one can afford. In addition, if your company does not have a well-organized and efficient job offer process, it’s time to create one! Candidates repeatedly share stories of promised job offers that took weeks to come through.  Think of it in these terms: when you drop the ball with one of your customers, it can cost you the customer, it can cost you your reputation, and it can cost you revenue and profit. If you're not managing your hiring process at least as well as your sales and customer service, you’re only hurting yourself. 

4. Hiring someone whose temperament or personality is wrong for the jobSome positions require people who are talkative and friendly and others require people who enjoy working by themselves. Certain tasks require a detail oriented person while others need some one who sees the big picture. Knowing the personality type and temperament that is best for the particular position will help you find the right person. 

5. Expecting way too muchA common problem these days is looking for one person to fill numerous roles. An unrealistic, lengthy list of qualifications and requirements creates a situation where you settle for someone whom you think can do a little of everything, but does not excel in key areas. Narrow your focus to the most important aspects of the position.
Do you find yourself making some of these mistakes when hiring? If so, don't plan on changing the system overnight. Eliminate one mistake at a time and move on to improve another part of the process. Call West Valley Staffing Group today for more information and to find out how we can provide staffing solutions!