Top Five Ways Your Company Can

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), this month’s Top Five email is dedicated to an important issue – “going green.”

In 2010 West Valley Staffing Group became a “Certified Green Business.” There are endless ways you too can create a greener workplace, including basics such as conserving water and turning off the lights when you leave a room. The easiest way to start is by taking small steps. Here are five ways to help your office become more environmentally friendly!
1. Print wiselyMake it a habit to print on both sides of paper, use the back side of old documents for faxes, scrap paper, or drafts, and avoid color printing. Whenever possible, buy chlorine-free paper with a higher percentage of recycled content. Also consider recycling toner and ink cartridges or buying remanufactured ones. Additionally, make it a habit to think before you print: do you really need to print that document, or could you read a soft copy instead? Make it a policy to post company manuals online rather than distributing printed copies. 

2. Maximize computer efficiencyComputers in the workplace waste nearly $1 billion worth of electricity a year. Make it a habit to turn off your computer when you leave for the day. Setting your computer to power down automatically after 15 minutes of non-use can cut energy use by up to 70%! 

3. Rethink your commuteMake it a habit to carpool, bike, or take public transit to work as often as possible. Make it a policy to encourage telecommuting whenever feasible. Invest in video conferencing and other technological solutions that can reduce the amount of employee travel.

4. Ramp up your recyclingJust about any kind of paper in the office (including envelopes, junk mail, paper cups, and napkins), can be recycled. Place recycling bins in accessible, high-traffic areas and provide clear information about what can and cannot be recycled.

5. Watch your container usageMake it a habit to bring your own mug and dishware for the meals you eat in the office. Stop providing disposable items and make it a policy to provide reusable dishes, silverware, and glasses. Provide filtered drinking water to reduce bottled water waste.