Top Five Fastest Growing Industries

It’s a new year and 2012 is already shaping up to be a promising year in business! The four drivers of the growing industries in 2012 will be our evolving technology, internet usage, environmental awareness and the need to be cost conscious. Below are the top five fastest growing industries in the coming year. 

1.  BiotechnologyThere is always a demand for advancements in medicine and treatments which makes Biotechnology a growing and necessary industry. The industry is experiencing rapid growth and Biotechnology firms are demanding more skilled workers than are currently available. It is projected that there will be a growing need for more Biotech workers in the near future. As the US economy bounces back from the recent recession, Biotechnology will be one of the main focal points of local and state economic development strategies. 

2.  Wind PowerInvestors are now looking to focus on renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The solution to this problem may very well be wind power! Wind power production is steadily growing in the United States, increasing the demand which has favorable government assistance and lower prices. The rising demand for clean energy will be a growing source of domestic manufacturing.

3.  Voice Over Internet Protocol ProvidersVoice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method of making phone calls using the internet, resulting in reducing some of the phone company’s charges. VoIP allows consumers to connect with people all over the world using only their computers. It’s no surprise that business users and even regular consumers are now turning to VoIP to cut costs. 

4.  E-Commerce and Online AuctionsOver the years, internet usage has rapidly grown and consumers are now more comfortable making purchases online than ever before! Consumers all over the world now have the capability to buy and sell over the Internet. Payment methods are now secured, assuring users that their credit information is protected. Online purchasing and transaction have now become the preferred way of doing business.

5.  Environmental ConsultingEnvironmental consulting is needed in a variety of fields ranging from construction services to waste management. Increasing government regulations continues to grow the need for environmental consulting to ensure companies are complying with regulations. In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, protecting the environment has become a priority, making this industry a universal need.