Top Five Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Motivation is the key to productivity, though for some of us motivation can be hard to come by. If you need help finding motivation at work, try changing things up by introducing new techniques into your daily routine. Read on for five ways to seek out motivation to enhance your work productivity.

1. Build Relationships
 – The relationships you form with coworkers are great motivators within the workplace. Being in constant contact with like-minded individuals who share a similar vision of the future can keep you motivated at work. A mentor can also help. Not only will they teach you what you need to know for the future of your career, but they can provide you with an excellent support system as well. Coworkers who have been in the business for a longer period of time have already experienced most of the fears or doubts that you may feel; the difference is they can help you overcome them.

2. Set Goals – Although setting short-term goals is important for day-to-day activities, setting yourself up with long-term goals will help maintain your motivation. Keeping goals in mind to work towards will really add value and a sense of importance to your work. Achieving goals is by no means the end of the road. Always keep planning and setting goals further out down the line. Achieving small goals along the way will spur you along to your longer-term goals as well.

3. Use To-Do Lists – One of the best methods for keeping motivated is making a to-do list. Try to adopt the habit of drafting your lists either first thing in the morning (starting fresh after a restful night’s sleep) or right before the end of the day (so you can know what to tackle the following day). Start with a major task or project and break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. By creating a list and keeping it in plain sight, it makes you feel more responsible and motivated to see all the tasks through to completion.

4. Stay Positive with Celebration – It can be easy to dwell on the negative moments that happen at work, which can have a major impact on motivation and productivity. Try to find the balance between the bad and the good. Instead of concentrating so much on the negative moments, try giving yourself some positive reinforcement by celebrating your accomplishments. Even small achievements deserve recognition. Celebrating achievements will keep the positivity flowing, and help you stay motivated to keep working hard.

5. Work/Home Life Balance – Your job will take up a good portion of your days and weeks. Whether you’re in a warehouse, on the production line, or seated at a desk in an office all day, work can be very taxing on the body. When you’re outside of work, be sure you take the time to rest and rejuvenate. Exercising can help relieve stress, but try not to overdo it. Try to avoid extending your hours by leaving work at work. If you can, unplug yourself from your work life (put away your e-mails, shut off your phone calls) and take time to relax. The key to staying motivated is balance.