Top Five Ways to Show Gratitude After an Interview

1. Send a Thank-You note
In addition to thanking your interviewers in person at the end of the interview, send a brief thank you in an e-mail or handwritten note, ideally within 24 hours of the initial meeting. If possible, send it as a reply that includes your previous correspondence. This will remind your interviewer of who you are right away, and strengthen your relationship.


2. Remember Names
Make a special point to commit the names of the people you meet at the interview to memory. It can always be a little intimidating on the first meeting, but try techniques such as repeating their name as they introduce themselves before you say your own name. You will be doing yourself a favor and getting a head start on meeting your team if you do land the position. Also, referencing people by name escalates your relationships, as well as making you more memorable.


3. Follow Up
If it has been a couple days since you last heard from your interviewer, check-in with them via e-mail or a friendly phone call. This will show them that you are still interested and excited about your potential new position. Be understanding of the fact that things can get hectic in the workplace, but make your intentions clear.


4. Be Gracious
A well-known fact of job searching is that sometimes you are not a good fit for the position; however, be sure to not let it discourage you, or affect your professionalism. It should go without saying that you should never lash out at an employer for not bringing you on. Keep a positive attitude, think of it as a learning experience, and reflect on opportunities for your next interview. Express to the employer how grateful you were for the opportunity, and wish them well.


5. Always be willing to interview again
Leaving the interview on a positive note will keep you in a good place in the employer’s mind. Perhaps you weren’t fit for that initial position, but if you were gracious and positive throughout the process, you might just get a call back for another opportunity within the company. Be open and happy to meet again, because you never know what opportunities this connection might make for you in the future.