Top Five Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

The workplace is a stressful environment by its very nature, but considering your job is likely where you spend most of your waking hours during the week, figuring out stress-busting techniques is absolutely imperative to your happiness and well-being at work. Read on for five tips on how to reduce your stress on the job and beyond.

1. Get Moving –
 Plan time into your day to exercise. Getting away from work, even for a short walk a couple times each day will help you recharge. Use these breaks to take deep breaths and stretch out the areas where you feel tension, such as your forehead, jaw, or shoulders. By scheduling time into your day to step away and get moving, it will allow you interrupt any stress reactions that are building and make adjustments, which will gradually build up your resiliency to stress. 

2. Learn to be Assertive – Sometimes trying to please everyone does more harm than good. If you find that you continually get bombarded with tasks and are feeling buried by your work, try to push back. Be honest with your colleagues by letting them know while you appreciate their confidence in your capabilities, your workload is taking up all of your time and energy and any further tasks would be better delegated to others to accomplish. This will bring awareness to your situation while also maintaining a positive, team oriented attitude. Negotiate your priorities.

3. Own Your Off-Button – Set a cut off time for your phones and electronic devices. This will allow you to fully unplug from the day’s stressors. This also means while at lunch get away from your computer and leave your phone out of sight.

4. Plan a Getaway – If you have personal days off or vacation time, use it. Having a planned vacation gets you motivated and lets you have something to look forward to. Even if you don’t travel to an exotic location, sometimes a staycation will help you relax and build your coping mechanisms against work stressors.

5. Eat Right and Sleep Right – Eating poorly can wreak havoc on your body and be a catalyst to stress in your system. Nourishing your body properly will make you better prepared to take on whatever challenges you may face at work. Work stressors are also magnified when you are sleep deprived. Sleeping well can help you solve problems with a clearer mind and even boost your intelligence. Turn off your screens and hit the bed early on weeknights to maximize your potential for a restful night’s sleep.