Top Five Ways to Deliver A Great Presentation

1. Stick to your Outline
You created and developed your outline for a reason – it is comprised of research and information you are familiar with. Avoid improvising or deviating at the last minute, as it will be conveyed to the audience as you being unprepared and uninformed. When you veer off-track, you lose credibility, and you potentially lose the attention of your audience.


2. Over-prepare
Rehearse your presentation in front of a mirror, or in front of friends or family to get comfortable with presenting to an audience. Try recording your presentation and listening to it on your way to work. Be extra-knowledgeable on your subject, and prepare for any questions that may be asked of you. If possible, observe other presentations prior to giving your own, and watch for effective demonstration techniques, or ideas on what to avoid.


3. Personalize
In line with your extensive preparation, avoid coming across as robotic. Try to incorporate anecdotes where appropriate, and be personable. Demonstrate a vested interest in your topic to your audience by personalizing and tailoring your presentation to reflect the importance of your topic to your life and work. Being personally invested in your topic will help you develop a connection with your audience, and in turn increase the effectiveness of your presentation.


4. Be an Expert in your Media
Whether you are presenting a poster board, portfolio, or PowerPoint slideshow, make sure you are demonstrating the best possible version of what you have to offer. Attend a class or research tips and tricks online, and implement your knowledge thoroughly. Spend ample time on your presentation media to showcase your skills and knowledge of the subject. Do not allow yourself to be caught with an ineffective presentation format.


5. Be Enthusiastic
Get excited about what you are presenting. Enjoy the process of delivering the facts to those viewing your presentation in a fun and engaging way. Think of ways to get others involved, or research attention-grabbing statistics to encourage audience participation. The more enthusiasm you can impart on your audience, the more effective your presentation will be in the end.