Top 5 Things to do After Networking Events

1. Decompress

It is crucial to relax your mind after a networking event. It is easy to feel overwhelmed after this type of outing; especially if you had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Allowing yourself the time to take a quick breather after the experience will provide insight and perspective. This will also give all of your potential new contacts the chance to do the same.

2. Follow Up
Don’t let the stack of business cards you have accumulated go to waste. If you made any interesting or influential connections at the event, be sure to follow up.  Add them to your e-mail contacts, seek out their LinkedIn profiles, or ask to reconnect with them face-to-face. The more methods of contact you use, the greater value these resources will be to you in the future.

3. Do Your Research
Was there something in particular that someone spoke to you about at the event that really stuck with you? Maybe someone referenced an interesting article, book, or other source of information. Go back to your notes from the event and complete a thorough Internet search on these types of things. Acquaint yourself with all aspects of what it is that interests you, and find enjoyment in giving yourself the opportunity to learn new things.

4. Share Your Expertise
If you gained helpful knowledge at your event, be excited to share your experiences with others. Talk about what you learned and who you met to help reinforce the information/ideas in your mind. Also, you can share research you have sought out on your own with your new contacts in order to further build those connections. Communicate your experiences with your colleagues and peers. You never know who you might be helping by sharing your knowledge.

5. Reflect
Think about why you wanted to attend the event. What was your main goal? Did you achieve that goal? Whether it was to meet new people in your field, or as part of your job search strategy, ask yourself honest questions to determine the effectiveness of your attendance, then focus on what you could do to be more successful at future events.