Scorching Summer Demand for Silicon Valley Talent

Jun 6, 2019:

Sunnyvale, CA – June 6, 2019   
Summer may be right around the corner, but a recent exclusive economic survey finds that Silicon Valley companies, and their corresponding job markets, are not taking a vacation when it comes to economic growth and hiring.

For the last decade, West Valley Staffing Group’s (WVSG) quarterly survey has provided a snapshot of business and hiring expectations according to a large sector of Silicon Valley hiring managers. The surveys’ results serve as a benchmark of how the region’s hiring landscape changes from one quarter to the next. The most recent survey gathered responses and data from nearly 800 professionals, with 89% anticipating their companies will grow (43.08%) or hold steady (45.94%) during the next quarter. To support that growth, more than 85% of all respondents said they anticipate their temporary staffing needs will grow or remain consistent with their Q2 estimates.

Charlie Allport, WVSG’s Executive Vice President, says these statistics point to a hot job market. “With last quarter’s survey, we saw that a buyers’ market was in play for job seekers and that continues to be the case. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest report shows unemployment at a very low 3.6%, but across the Bay Area it’s as low as 2.8%. Short of writing their own ticket, candidates who are patient are in a great position to leverage their skills to find the position, hours and compensation package they are looking for. By extension, smart companies, if they haven’t already, will work this quarter to take a close look at their recruitment strategy to ensure that what they have to offer across the board (compensation, culture, etc.) is in line with candidate expectations and with what other companies in their market sector are offering. This is time well spent and organizations who do so will realize their growth expectations.”

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