2021 Recruitment Strategy

Jan 19, 2021:

Plan for Success with a Recruitment Strategy

As you get settled into the New Year, your company has probably set the stage for success by putting in place a strategic business plan and maybe even a marketing plan. But what about a recruitment strategy?

Creating a recruitment strategy can set you up to keep pace with projects and budgets. These plans are usually created with a 12-month view, although you can make yours for a longer or shorter timeframe depending on your organization’s needs. Regardless of the time scope, here are some key factors to consider:

1.       How might external factors impact my staffing plans and needs?

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we must be ready for the unpredictable. Time and time again, West Valley Staffing Group saw clients zig when they couldn’t zag, and we did a lot of that ourselves! As stay at home orders continue to ebb and flow, does your staff have the resources needed to stay productive? If your company is in the essential category, do you see the demands being placed on your teams this year increasing or decreasing? You should also pay consistent attention to unemployment rates and skills shortages in your industry, as these factors can impact the ease and speed with which you can bring on the people you need.

2.       What are my staffing gaps?

There is a lot of ground to cover in this single question. Taking a look at your existing staff, are there consistent requests for overtime? This may be an indicator that your team is too small and hiring additional people may ease their burden and help to avoid burnout. Identifying staffing gaps also requires an examination of your organization’s goals. Is there a need to hire more talent for upcoming ramps or projects? Do you have enough or the right talent in place? Are there emerging trends or innovations you could benefit from by strategically hiring people with specialized skill sets? Assessing every angle of your current talent pool will reveal potential blind spots and allow you to remedy them before they blindside you.

3.       Where will I source talent?

There are a number of ways you can bring on the talent you need to meet your business goals; promoting or training existing staff, hiring additional full time or part time employees, or leveraging consultants and/or contingent staff. Look at your staffing gaps and you will likely find that these decisions are usually best made on a case-by-case basis. If you need someone with a specific skill set, you should ask if you need that person in place permanently or simply to bridge a temporary skill gap. If you have an overworked team in need of relief, is that need seasonal or ongoing? A company like West Valley Staffing Group can be an asset during this portion of your planning as they can assess your resources and help you determine the optimal hiring approach.

What does my onboarding experience look like?

In the era of social distancing and working remotely, it can be more challenging to welcome new employees – you probably aren’t doing in person team lunches or staff retreats these days. But the current climate is no excuse for abandoning meaningful onboarding efforts. A recent study showed that 25% of new hires stay less than a year because of poor onboarding. If you don’t have one already, create a structured orientation process. Introduce new hires to their team members virtually so they can put faces with names and start to build connections with their colleagues. Most importantly, keep your communication open and consistent so employees feel comfortable reaching out if they have questions or issues.

As with most strategic planning processes, several factors are in play with regard to creating a solid recruiting strategy. The questions above illuminate many of those considerations and your answers will put you on the path to developing a plan that delivers long term benefits to both your organization and the people who work there.

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